July 25, 2006

Awake at last

A lot had changed in Azeroth when I finally awoke from the Emerald Dream: the furbolg tribes becoming hostile, those barbarous orcs destroying our beloved Ashenvale, a demonic taint spreading throughout the land now known as Felwood...

I was relieved to find that at least one thing had not changed: Shrynai, my love, was patiently waiting for me.

We met at the moonwell, as we had agreed so long ago. Dearest Shrynai, how I missed you...

But now the Dream is over, and there is much we must do.


john said...

Wow Rudathin, I thought it was pretty funny I ran into this artical with a link about you and Shrynai on digg.



Rudathin said...

Hey Milt!

Funny indeed. Did you actually find it on Digg or was it WOWInsider?